Brave New Day

The Setup

For many decades, single companies have provided utility or transportation services throughout various areas in Washington. The three-member board of Washington’s Utilities and Transportation Commission serves as a keen watchdog to make sure rates are fair and equitable, and that industries operate in a safe, reliable, and transparent manner.

In moving to a contemporary facility in a new location, an opportunity had arisen for the UTC—a chance to better align the commission’s brand with its mission and values, as well as with its fresh, modern workspace. As part of this dynamic revitalization, the time had come to also revamp the brand to more accurately reflect the respect, integrity, accountability, and professionalism that are situated at the very core of the commission. It was time to show confidence in the mission and values of the UTC, and to boldly exhibit the commission’s importance to the daily lives of Washington’s 7.4 million residents.

Logo before and after

The Strategy

Everybody needs a champion—someone steadfast who is consistently in their corner, someone to advocate for the greater good and the rights of all. In holding the ideals of responsible stewardship, integrity, respect, fairness, and accountability, the commission’s values provide a stalwart beacon for the people of Washington. The brand needed to quickly and easily express this sense of values and professionalism.

The UTC’s strengths lie in its ability to navigate complexity, assure reliability, and promote the greater good through public safety and consumer protection. This is a commission built of inherent optimism and integrity, holding firm to the belief that profit can come while also being safe, fair, and equitable, with a shared responsibility to the community. Washington’s UTC needed to be seen as a welcome hand, an advocate, and a knowledgeable partner ensuring that investor-owned utilities and relevant regulated industries operate safely and fairly.

The Brand

With an approachable, modern aspect, the visual expression of the new UTC brand utilizes vibrant color and confident, simple form in an interchangeable, authoritative, recognizable, and iconic way. A unique combination of the letters “U” and “T” join together in a subtle abstraction to create a strong, unified representation of the commission. Evocative of a “shield” as well as the broad strokes of the letter “W,” the new brand provides a distinct upward movement that has a positive quality, while the visual dimension, depth, and overlapping form adds a strong sense of stability.

Clean, clear, and sophisticated, the UTC’s defining mark becomes the centerpiece of a recognizable, attractive, modern brand. It represents stability, approachability, and transparency—core qualities of the commission. An inherent flexibility ensures that the new logo translates well into multiple formats, including web and print publications, social media, and outreach merchandising.

Primary lockup variations

Visual dimension, depth, and overlapping form evoke a strong sense of stability.

Brand guidelines

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