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Hot sauce purveyors Melissa and Sam came to us to help boost Smokeshow’s product launch in late 2017. Their hot sauce offerings were best described as having simple, honest ingredients with a Southern California taco shop style. Unable to find what they wanted in Portland's grocery stores, they made their own.



Kiersta Sze

Smokeshow hot sauce offerings are best described as having simple, honest ingredients meant for everyday use with just about any food. They've taken traditional Mexican flavors (as an homage to their roots) and combined them with vinegar-based hot sauce styles.

So in sticking to the central idea of “simple, honest sauce” that Smokeshow brings to the table (literally), we showcased the distinctly verbal approach they already had in place: direct, authentic, and pure. And since the sauces are generally named by their color, we emphasized basic, bold, clean color fields to help stand out on a crowded grocery store shelf.

We visualized the essence of the Smokeshow brand with a colorful and handmade aesthetic to grace the coveted hot sauce squeeze bottles. We used a hand-drawn pepper as the central design element along with hand-drawn ‘sharpie’ lettering to lighten up the mood of the communication.

<p>Icon Illustration Color Design</p> <p>Icon Illustration Color Design</p>
<p>Label Design</p> <p>Label Design</p>
<p>Label Design</p> <p>Label Design</p>
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