Brave New Day


Awaiting a punctuation at the south end of one of Portland’s most vibrant corridors, Fore Property Company had a location poised to become a powerful launch point for a creative, energetic living experience.

Providing an elegant, engaging new catalyst for explorations northward through the burgeoning Boise neighborhood, Revere was ready to become a striking, original, and vivid member of a distinctly Portland vibe.


Striving to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, we sought to energize the new brand with a boundless curiosity, a sense of playfulness, and deep emotion—bringing a vibrant source of personal inspiration to the table. This was to be a place ready to offer spirited cross-pollination and dynamic, stimulating thought.

With the benefits of human connection as its core ethos, Revere would be a brand imbued with a feisty life, full of vim and vigor, while facilitating a multitude of exchanges—of love, learning, work, and life.


Taking cues from music venue posters and stage light shows, we crafted a brand that engages with its audience in a dynamic and energetic way whether static or in digital motion, and whether the size of a business card or a twelve-foot wall.

While maintaining an elevated sense of quality and urban style throughout the brand, we also spiced the visuals with a particular sense of the N. Mississippi personality. At the same time, we kept it all laid back, playful, and easily approachable in a uniquely Portland way.

Firmly situated at the corner of Mississippi and awesome.

Marketing collateral


Maggie Kirkland

Thom Hines

Throughout all the brand materials, we worked to position the property as a potential source of personal inspiration—through its anchoring location on one of Portland’s most vibrant and interesting strips.

The verbal content and visuals both speak to the premium quality of architecture and finishes, both in community spaces as well as in units, calling out the expansive views from the rooftop deck and the several quaint, private spaces, as well as the various high-end amenities throughout the building.

This is a chance to enjoy chill, intimate spaces on the large roof deck, relaxing to take in the expansive views, or a chance to stroll a few blocks to some of the city’s most well known music venues, eateries, bars and breweries. Work from home, and play in the street.

At Revere, everything is possible.


A hearty blend of community vibes and spicy personality.

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