Brave New Day


Located in Portland’s Slabtown neighborhood Queue Coffee is a new and welcoming environment in which one can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or evening dessert, or simply hang out in a cozy, contemporary, people-centered space. Beyond providing a quality product (clearly a necessity for any respectable Portland coffee shop), Queue was focused on creating a product, community, and culture that makes people want to stay and keep coming back.  

Brand voice and messaging


A queue is more than a line. It’s a sequence, an order of progression. From selecting roasters and partners to employees interacting with customers—to one’s experience at the store—the entire progression needed to consistently reinforce the brand and what it stands for: to be approachable, conversational, and timeless.


Like your best friend or favorite TV show, the Queue brand expresses a place of comfort and familiarity with just enough whizz bang boom to keep things interesting. Every piece creates focused consideration and attention to care with detailed regularity.

The primary mark highlights the transition from morning to night as caffeine turns to cream, and life slows from brightness to quietude. The color palette is one of the most prominent aspects of the Queue brand and is meant to evoke a friendly, soft, and welcoming feeling. Beyond the primary mark, the brand utilizes a vibrant floral photographic pattern that adds depth and builds on the color story. Because sometimes flat color just isn’t enough. 

Exterior signage

Brand voice + messaging with environmental design


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