Brave New Day

Sally Painter Photography


TMT Development approached us with an exciting proposition to help brand their iconic and storied new building in the very heart of Portland. A state-of-the-art, 30-story mixed use tower, Park Avenue West promised to be the first of its kind—a unique combination of retail, office, and luxury residential in an unprecedented, balanced arrangement.

Sally Painter Photography


In staying true to the iconic nature of the project and its impact on the skyline, we felt the brand needed to focus on the feeling of the building and a sense of hospitality/lifestyle. It needed to emphasize location and quality, as there is no other place like it. 


We strove to let the rhythms and qualities of the skyward architecture drive the visuals. The resulting logo both exemplifies and celebrates the simple within the complex, the quiet within the urban vibrancy, and home within the tower.

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Once the mark was established, we pushed the unique visual qualities to form the simple, sophisticated language of the brand. Clarity of message and simplicity of form reign supreme, with all materials dedicated to rising to the meet the intellect of its audience.

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