Brave New Day


North—the cardinal direction for all facets of navigation—has guided travelers on their journeys for centuries, from magnetic North to the North Star, from a simple compass point to the shining beacon of Polaris. And likewise, Northpointe is all about the journey. It’s about what happens along the way, about sidetracks and roundabouts—not about your mode of getting there. It’s a welcoming gateway for newcomers who seek to call North Portland home.

Large-format wall graphics


Following in the footsteps of Northpointe’s central story focusing on exploration, the brand itself is all about tangible places to visit. The logo is derived from a literal translation of the building's location just off of the elegant curve of North Interstate, while regional topography and photos of the surrounding area adorn the interiors. Meanwhile details reminiscent of travel, like passport stamps and tickets, round out the brand package with visual texture and variety.

Street-level signage

Topographic signage

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