Brave New Day


Set to become a highly desirable and complementary addition to the established NW 23rd neighborhood, The George Besaw found itself in the right place at the right time. The building would give a respectful nod to the enduring appeal and nostalgia of the past, while standing above the rest with quality to match the high-end expectations of its neighbors and prospects.


Tim Hills

A storied property since it’s development in the early 1900s as the former location of the historic Besaw’s restaurant, the location had plenty of back story to offer. We focused the brand’s promise around exuding style, respect, and an enduring sense of old-school elegance. This would be a place of sanctuary, integrating the quietude of the leafy Nob Hill neighborhood with the vibrancy of the nearby NW 23rd Ave boutique shopping.

This brand would be all about connection and integration, offering its residents a wealth of the things they want, with the personal touch of place.


Maggie Kirkland

In creating the brand visuals for the George Besaw, we stuck with a polished, friendly vibe, and avoided referencing urban, hipster, or trendy qualities. The logo and visual language concentrate on tradition and the timeless, warm qualities of the brand. The overall brand experience works to hold the charm of Old Portland, with a contemporary boutique personality.

The property's name is a firm nod to the history and heart of the location. In support of the elegant, grounded, and honest name, the supporting copy and imagery seeks to reference the area’s human character, keeping the experience connected, cozy, and intimate.

The logo and visual language concentrates on tradition and the timeless, warm qualities of the brand.

<p>Typography Design</p> <p>Icon Illustration Design</p>
<p>Icon Illustration Design</p> <p>Typography Design Copywriting</p>
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