Brave New Day

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Set quietly between the bustle and energy of central Seattle and the traditional elegance of Queen Anne Hill, the Cora location would offer a gorgeous gateway presence in Lower Queen Anne/Uptown, with views, views, views, along with an immediate connection to the natural world and a quick, seamless link to everything the city has to offer.


The Cora brand needed to simply resonate with those looking for a strong sense of place, respite and community. The active and engaged audience would be attracted to the building’s centralized location, but would also desire a quiet retreat within the urban setting. To connect with the audience, the visual language needed to be pared down to essential qualities, giving a sense of quietude and simplicity as well as evoking the graceful, confident, and calming traits of the building’s form.



The visuals for Cora reference the design ethos of the space with elegant, nimble, and sophisticated form. We kept the focus on simple, essential qualities, rather than flourish and excess. This helped express simplicity and tranquility, and kept the brand balanced and understated.

As a reflection of life in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, the brand evokes comfort, calm, and community, with a certain amount of grace and confidence.

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