Brave New Day


Offering stylish, urban, hip new construction in one of Seattle’s most vibrant, energetic, and funky neighborhoods, Capitol Hill Station was to be a chance to have it all—the high-end amenities that one expects from the best of the city, along with the quietly stylish and cool character of Broadway. This would be a place for all partitions of the socio-economic spectrum to find a genuinely authentic connection.

(Photo: Chelsea Parrett)


With three distinct buildings offering a tiered set of amenities, our task was to set up a brand that was both supremely approachable and elegantly elevated. Much like the energy of the street on which it would live, Capitol Hill Station’s brand would need to energize the potential for spirited curiosity, playfulness, and creativity—bringing a dynamic source of personal inspiration with ready connections to the wider world.

Two of the buildings lined the vibrancy of Broadway, while the third—the most luxurious of the three—faced the trees of Cal Anderson Park. With approachability and clarity at the fore, we named the two Broadway buildings collectively as Ander North and South. A simple shortening of “Anderson,” the name gives a sense of meandering along Broadway, as well as evoking a warm, indelible quality much like the engaging spaces within. The third building, adjacent to the tree-lined pathways and open green spaces, then naturally became Park—a simple and elegant name evocative of play, fresh air, and greenspaces alike.


With easy connections to diverse, vibrant, local shops by rail, car, bike, and foot, Capitol Hill Station’s brand showcases an energetic, animated, and constantly changing place—a kaleidoscope of the 24-hour experience. The primary brandmark acts to unify the community. It has a distinct personality of its own, while complementing the unique aspects of both Ander and Park. Within that umbrella, the Ander brand embraces the unique, artistic, and authentic ambiance of the spaces through its subtle personality. The Park brand evokes the building’s refined finishes and lush location. Its strong lines and open form evokes strength and a sturdy grace reminiscent of a luxurious life.

(Photo: LCP360)


Thom Hines

Color is integral to the life of the Capitol Hill Station brand. The visual experience is built with a vibrant and beautifully complex palette. Each property has a distinct range of colors, which carefully overlap at particular touchpoints to support the umbrella Capitol Hill Station brand. In addition, black and white are used to unify the various colors, textures, and shapes of all brand elements.

The Capitol Hill Station mark is used as a consistent umbrella brand identifier on all marketing collateral, to bring coherency to the whole. As one digs further into the experience, this presence recedes into the background, only present as a tertiary brandmark tag.

Capitol Hill Station is a launchpad for a feisty life, full of vim and vigor.This brand is a celebration of that ethos.

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