Brave New Day

The Setup

Thom Hines

Born in 2011, Spoke grew steadily and assuredly over the years. We slowly added new friends, new family members, and a slew of new clients along the way. Late in 2016, when we joined forces with our dear, old friends at Flightdeck to take on a fresh new slate of work, it became clear that we were on the cusp of something special.

<p>Brave New Day Design Agency Business Card Print Collateral Design</p> <p>Brave New Day Secondary Logo</p>


After an exhaustive months-long naming process involving days, nights, plenty of drinks and plenty of laughs, we all circled around the idea of a moment, a process, a fresh way of thinking. Through it all, we continued to return to the ideals of who we are: a group of empathetic and thoughtful people, curious and understated, and drawn to highly realized craft—both as a design studio and as individuals. We looked for a point of convergence and realization, the launching of a dawn of possibility. Thus was born, Brave New Day.


Keeping to the ethos of how we operate, the visuals are clean, direct, and deceptively simple. Our mark implies a bird in flight, an open book, and effortlessly hints at its own identity as simply the letter B. Coupled with a vibrant field of color, the brand succeeds much in the way that we do as a studio: by getting out of the way and showcasing the best of what the product itself has to offer.

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